Make Your Own Patches

I recently picked up this shirt that had printed patches on it at a yard sale for $1. I am collecting car related patches for my grandson.. slim pickings! I knew when I saw this shirt, I could turn the printed patches into real patches.
I cut out the patch images on the shirt leaving as much of a border as possible... I used some of the blue fabric of the same shirt for the backside of each patch. I drew lines to use as a sewing line around each patch I was creating...
Then, I stitched around the entire sewing line until I reached the very start of my sewing seam...I then cut a slit on the backside of each patch, pulling it inside out....
I ironed the stitched pieces so that they laid a little flatter, then I stitched closely around the edge of each new patch to finish it off. I was able to make seven patches from this one shirt....Not to shabby for a buck!


  1. What a great way to create patches - thanks for sharing. Need to pass the info along to daughter.

  2. Don't you love it when you find something that inspires? What a good eye to see that you could turn the printed patches into real ones!

  3. Now that's some smart recycling! Wish I was good with sewing like that.


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