Pink Gum Ball Machines

In an ongoing effort to add more pink to my kitchen, I decided to spray paint my existing graduated sized gum ball machines pink. I had these in my studio filled with buttons for awhile until I got tired of that....

I have them on my counter next to my mail slot. I cannot have anything light weight  in this area of my kitchen-- as my mail man shoves my mail with full force through the mail slot daily. I am lucky to get my mail delivered right into my house, which I know is rare these days.  I think the gum ball machines look super cute next to my pedestal stand with the faux cupcakes that I made last week...

I have to buy a lot more gum balls to fill up these machines...

For the smallest gum ball machine I'll add candy sprinkles to fill it up. There are small jaw breakers that are smaller than gum balls made by the Willy Wonka company that I can use in the other smaller gum ball machines to at least give the appearance of gum balls...
I should have painted these years ago *wink*
big hugs,

I've linked up to Beverly's Pink Saturday.


  1. That was a great idea! They look adorable. It must have taken awhile to collect all of those different sizes.

  2. They are gorgeous...I am still on the hunt for my first gummball machine...they are pretty rare around here.

  3. These would be cute filled w/flour, sugar, tea, etc. Not sure how hard it would be to access the contents though...

  4. Those are awfully cute -- I never see those anywhere. Nice find!

  5. I so want these! great collection! and I love the pink!

  6. Gumball machines are hard to find. You are fortunate to have these n various sizes. I like the way you are using them and in pink.

  7. Your gum all machines are so cute! Happy Pink Saturday, Marti

  8. What a fun and happy thing to collect. Love them in pink! Would you mind sharing what recipe you used for faux cupcakes?

  9. Very clever and cute. I love them. Happy Pink Year!

  10. Looove the pink ! Ivy and Elephants did a white one filled with jewels and I have one in a box just white or pink??? hmmmm
    Happy Pink Saturday !

  11. Cute gumball machines! Love the graduated look, now you need a dollhouse miniature sized one. :)
    Have a great week,

  12. Oh they are just beautiful! I love the pink.


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