Work In Progress

I have begun working on my pirate bar. So far I just have the foundation of the front of the actual bar itself finished. I want to add some trim pieces to it and of course the counter top is needing to be made. I am contemplating either doing a concrete top, or covering the entire bar with pennies. Both ideas I love-love-love.... I am just not to confident in doing such a large expanse with either idea. I may have to try my hand at practicing with each on a much smaller scale first.
I did see a bar sign that I thought would be perfect for my bar area, so I whipped one up...
I also whipped up some candles to sit in the old looking candle sconces that I have on the wall/fence...

I love how they turned out... everything is looking so pirate-y.
big hugs,


  1. You're going to have a pirate bar! Crazy fun! I love the idea of the penny counter top. I would really like to visit your yard. I'll bring the rum!

  2. What a blast you are having with this! I love that sign. Oh, the fun you'll have!

  3. So great! I would be a little nervous to try the concrete to, but It would not stop me. I have seen some floors done with pennies and I LOVE the idea. Whatever you do, it will be perfect!


  4. This project of yours continues to amaze me! You've got such a terrific imagination...and the artistic ability to make is all so wonderful! xo


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