Weekend Treasures...

Whoa, what a fun treasure filled weekend.... I found two huge booze bottles-- a must for any pirate bar.... The green bottle stands 20 inches high--- wow. Those bottles filled must have weighed a ton!

 I scored this wine stand for a mere $3.00. It will hold seven bottles in total. I must get the word out to my friends who drink wine to save me the empty bottles so I can fill it. *wink*

I also bought 102 pieces of silver plated silverware for .5¢ each... *score*
This tray full of silverware was a few bucks as well. I love-love-love the old Frigidaire metal tray that they came in- that was a bonus.  The huge spool of  plastic rope was a steal at only $4.00. Pirates go through a lot of rope!

Finally I hit upon some jewelry..... it has been awhile... I got all of this for only $7.00.
 I hardly ever pass up rocks and sea shells...
These white, black and red enamel plates and cups are perfect for my pirate party. This year I'm going to have a "captain's table"... and I think I'll use these exclusively for that table.... or I might use really pretty china-- if I can find some before then.

 I think I must have bought every wooden do-dad there is in town, this little owl surprisingly weighs a ton and I think it will hold up nicely being outside for years and years. The plastic wall sconces and wooden box are all destined to be turned into some pirate prop or another--- thats how I roll.

The weather is absolutely  heavenly this winter.. in the upper 60's low 70's. I am taking full advantage of being able to work outside while I can!
big hugs,


  1. You are finding the best things! I don't think the pirate treasure is under the sea -- I think it is in your yard!

  2. Hello from Spain: you have a real treasure in your garden, Great findings. Big bottles. Keep in touch

  3. My favorite has to be that wine stand. Very unique! Have fun finding places for all your new goodies.

  4. You got some nice deals - especially the silver plate!
    Enjoy your evening.


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