Pink Cabinet Drawers

I love little drawers.... and when they are pink, I am over the moon in love with little drawers...

I bought this cabinet in San Juan Batista this past August at the out door antique fair they have every year. Here is the before photo of how it looked when I bought it... Before I got a hold of it, it was used for holding television components. A quick coat of pink paint and now it holds some of my jewelry pieces that I like to repurpose.
The top drawer is for my rhinestones. I have them grouped by color... remember you can click on the photos to make them bigger~

The second drawer has religious items...
Each drawer has slots that I can customize each little compartment  into what ever size I'm needing to hold a particular item.
I didn't realize just how much jewelry I have to pull from--- until I finally had a place to house it all together.

I can now sort by watch faces,

steam punk parts...

Various colored beads....
 Ah.... such pretties!
 Everything has a place now....
 I just love drawers. I have three more empty drawers in this piece that I am still needing to fill up once I get the chance. Goodness knows I have jewelry to fill it-- its just a matter of doing it. *wink*
I also found this fabulous little file cabinet/drawer combo a few weeks ago at our local swap meet. I paid five dollars for it-- knowing full well that once it was painted pink the value of it would sky rocket *wink*
One of the drawers isn't original to the piece, but I am happy to have it since it fits the space nicely.
Here it stands in all its pink loveliness... *swoon* I have this in my grand kids play room/den at my house.

The top is a file cabinet, perfect for holding  paper for art projects...
I have it loaded with some of my grand daughters art supplies that she has free access to when she is at my house. I think it is important to let kids have the ability to pull from art supplies and get creative whenever the mood strikes.

She already likes to journal.....
and has no fear of gluing things on pages whenever she feels it necessary.
 At her preschool she started bringing home handfuls of paper scraps from whatever was left over from the days projects.... Chloe felt she needed the scrap paper to do art at home, but now that she has an abundance of pretty colored paper she doesn't bring home scraps anymore--- BUT... I do see the other kids doing this now! I overheard a grandfather asking his grand daughter why she had a handful of trash... I had to step in and explain to him it was for "art." Cute.
big hugs,
 I've linked up to Beverly's Pink Saturday.


  1. What good finds! All the better in pink. The drawers are a perfect size. Wonderful repurposing!

  2. Oh, how I would love to find something like that! I don't have quite the stash of jewelry parts that you do, but nonetheless. You have a fantastic start on your organizing.

  3. Oh look at that wonderful stash of bling. :-D The first set of drawers is perfect for jewelery supplies. I stopped looking for something similar long ago, as everyone I found, the seller wanted a fortune.

  4. Fabulous drawers ! All of mine are in plastic boxes and drawers, maybe I'll find something like that too.
    happy Pink Saturday !

  5. Smart move buying that cabinet. I love the makeover you did. Very pretty in pink.

  6. Smart move buying that cabinet. I love the makeover you did. Very pretty in pink.

  7. I love both those cabinets. I must ask - Did you use spray paint and what brand and color? I have a three piece unit that was used for mail at an office. I'd love to paint it and yours look so good.

  8. pink pink pink~ everything is better in pink! dont you think?
    you sure have lots of jewelry pieces to play with. lucky you!
    happy weekend

  9. Lovely compartments to house your beautiful gems

  10. I am completely inspired to go out to thrift stores and yard sales and look for something to organize my crafting supplies, too.



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