Backyard Shooting Gallery

I have been keeping an eye out on the trash piles recently for a solid wood hutch to be transformed into a shooting gallery for some rubber band guns I have. The stars were all aligned and I saw this beaut laying atop a huge rubbish pile. Score.

 The two doors with the flower painted glass below the hutch were removed as was the large flower painted mirror that was in the center.... I replaced the mirror with pieces of old fence boards for safety reasons.
Here is the hutch in the first stages of repurposing. I painted the slats red & white and then distressed them to give it an old grungy look. I also added some aged small slats to the piece as well... This is still a work in progress... I've got so much left to do~
 I'm going to build a stand for the hutch to set on to make it taller and of course add some things to shoot at since this is going to be a shooting gallery. I'm still debating on making a shooting gallery sign for the top of this hutch. Since the weather is starting to get colder, I find myself more and more inside with a blanket on my lap and something to crochet in my hands!
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  1. I really like the circusy vibe so will be so fun to see it finished. Are you the one doing a pirate theme in your backyard?

  2. What fun! I think I'd like to live in your world!


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