Recent Treasures...

 Here are some recent treasures that I'm going to be adding to my pirate backyard.... I've been keeping an eye out for a small old looking heater and found this beauty at an antique street fair in a nearby town. The gal I bought it from is the same gal I purchase my tiki's and my pony from. *waves to Jennifer*
I also scored some more pots and lobsters. Pots always makes good filler for the yard.
I also bought an antique photo album. It was only $4.00... Along with the larger photos inside the album there were some smaller ones... I imagine for lockets? The photo in the upper right hand corner with the young girl with her hands behind her head cracks me up. She has a mouth full of crooked/missing teeth and you can just tell she must have been a real pistol!
I've also been wanting a large Buddha Statue for my pirate yard.... I did find one this past summer but they wanted $100 bucks for it. This past weekend I spotted this happy-chubby guy. The price started at $30-- but I ended up paying only $23.00. He is holding two small balls in his hands--- so I am calling him "Doughnut hole guy" I probably resemble this pose when I get a hold of doughnut holes too *wink*
The area where the statue is now has totally been transformed. I had to make this area eight feet smaller to make room for my new 8' x 8' pirate store we are going to be building in this spot. Here you can see the yard panning left of the statue...

and panning right of the statue is the newly made floor for the newest pirate store that we are going to be starting sometime in the coming weeks.

We had to get a big ol' miter saw so we can do the special cuts for the new store. I'm hoping it comes together fast as its starting to get cold outside!
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  1. Drooling over your finds. That photo album is one I would never pass up too. Happy picking, Keep smiling and creating

  2. Those are some great pickups that you have uncovered. The lobsters and crabs are adorable and a nice touch as well. In particular I am really admiring the Buddha statue, since I've been thinking about one for myself for a while now.


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