Cold Weather Craftin'

With the onset of cold weather I am spending a lot more time inside.... so much so that I've just recently completed crocheting eight hats. That darn cold cuts right through me... and although its only in the 60's... I'm suffering! *wink*
 The first two hats I made I using my grand kids school colors of blue and yellow. I think the hats with the ear flaps are the cutest things ever--- so that is the style of hat I made.
 After whipping up the two hats for my grand kids, I decided to make some more. So, I whipped up six more ear flap hats in the colors of my old Alma mater. Purple and Gold baby... purple and gold~
My old school hosts a monthly vintage flea market that I take part in... and there is a lot of old and current students attending each month so I thought these would be a welcomed addition to the event.

I also crocheted a bottle cozy for my soda bottle. I am going to be attending a few Christmas parties and I prefer to drink diet Pepsi over Coke or punch... so I normally just bring my own. Might as well do it in sTyLe~
 I'll type up my pattern I used to create the hats and post it to my blog... hopefully in the next post. The ear flap hats crocheted together pretty fast and the pattern is very easy to follow.
Stay warm my friends~
big hugs,

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  1. Those are cute and will warm the head and ears when the temps drop.
    My daughter has put her crochet needles back to work also.
    Enjoy your evening.


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