Cat In The Hat

 Last week at my grand kids school they were celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday with a week long celebration of events. One of the days events the kids were to dress as their favorite character from one of Dr. Seuss' books. Well.... the Cat in the Hat was an obvious choice for me... and seeing how they are little they pretty much don't argue... yet....

For my five year old grand daughter Chloe, I made her a little miniature cat in the hat-- hat.

She is such a little pistol... I thought she would enjoy some cat ears too...
I added some white felt to one of her long sleeve black shirts using some wonder under iron on adhesive. The large red bow just pulled everything together. I also made her a long tail~
My grandson who is getting on in years (he is seven) wasn't wanting to much of a costume... so I made him a HUGE cat in the hat-- hat... and the large red bow to go along with the hat.

I am surprised they came together so quickly and that they turned out so darn cute... I surprise myself sometimes! I've kept the patterns and I think next year I'll make some more. One for me!
big hugs,


  1. How lucky your grandkids are to have such a creative Grandma to make them costumes and hats, that is a neat thing the school does! You did a wonderful job!

  2. Hi Cheryl, How fun!! Your creations for the celebration turned out so cute. You are one talented lady. Thanks for sharing. I am sure your grands had a great time. You are a wonderful grandmother!!
    Hugs, CM

  3. Really cute Cheryl! Especially that. Bow! Too stinking cute! Lucky grand babies.

  4. These are as cute as all get out! I love the Cat too! She's a lucky girl.

  5. First off, Cheryl, I did not imagine you were a grandma! You get so much done I thought for sure you were a kid! We had Dr. Seuss week, too, in my kindergarten class. You did a fabulous job on the costumes! And, yes, I am a lucky duck to have gotten the cute minis from Elaine!

  6. Oh how adorable! Lucky grandkids that Grammie can create like that.

    Thanks for the visit, Cheryl. Susan

  7. That is adorable! You've knocked my socks off. Costumes have always been my Waterloo

  8. You are always so creative, I love the hats and bowties. I bet your grandkids love you!

  9. Cheryl,
    Oh my gosh, I love this Cat In The Hat you made for your grandkids. This is so funny. You know, Dr. Seuss is one of my favorites, and his whimsical quotes have filled me with laughter and joy for many years.

    I was wondering if we followed each other yet, I'm not sure? We would love it if you could follow us, and I would certainly come back and follow you as well. Your creations are darling.

    Have a wonderful week.


  10. The cat in the hat always a good yarn, your outfits are pretty good too lucky grandchildren.

  11. Oh you are the best grandma ever :) What a lovely and delightful thing to do for your little granddaughter.

  12. Sometimes I wish I was a grandchild of yours but I really love being your friend and wish we could spend more time together so your amasing talent could rub off on me!


  13. How sweet is this!!! Cheryl, what a talent you are.. Very lucky grandkids indeed!
    Thank you so much for visiting. I am so happy you enjoyed Peanut.
    If you want to give needle felting a try, I think that would be great... You can purchase the wool on line and the needles.. If you are working small, it is not very expensive.. I usually pay about 3.00 for one ounce of wool.
    I have found some beautiful wool on Etsy.
    Need a how to? Go online type in video Needle Felting..


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