Repurposed Salvaged Door

A few months ago I purchased a very old, solid wood antique door. I thought it would be the absolute perfect door for my latest pirate building in my backyard... well I was wrong. Well in theory it would have worked-- but it ended up feeling to big and chunky... and with a screen door- the new door had to open into the building and that would have taken up valuable decorating space... so it was a "no go." I had seen on pinterest where someone had taken an old door and made it into a bar/counter... so that is exactly what I did with the door.

The bottom part of the door has been cut off so that the door now has four equal panels. It is attached to a raised platform to make it a counter top height.
The backside of this  newly constructed piece is open so that it can be used as a bar/counter. For now, I have it pushed up against a wall in the latest pirate store to showcase some fun pirate treasure.
While playing in the pirate store, I added a huge net to the ceiling. The netting was originally one of those golfing nets that you drive your balls into when your practicing. This is a good start to the ceiling, before the ceiling was to perfect--- which didn't fit in well with the cluttered look of the rest of the building. I'll go back and add some ivy and a hanging light and some other random odds and ends to pull it all together.

If you pan down from the ceiling and to the right of the front door you'll see where I left off. So much yet to do~ Who knows what will get put to use and what will get tossed out. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll find a place for it all!
Here are some of my backyard pirate companions, they take up a lot of my free time because I just can't resist giving them all cuddles... this is Chumley. Bear-bear is at the bottom right sitting off in the distance... Here is Pee Wee, he is sitting in the neighbors yard peeking into our yard. The little nutter~
Along with cuddling with the cats.... it is also fun to just PLAY. No agenda, no "getting it done"..... just having fun and playing in the yard. Just yesterday I added the large wooden box (to the right in the photo) with the rope and the black crow. It was f.u.n.
A few weeks ago, we constructed a weathered old looking box to cover our huge swinging umbrella stand. Now, it looks so much better and will not be an eye sore or a tripping hazard. The added bonus? look at all the fun space I now have to play~
I am really needing to play inside.... the inside of my house is now looking pretty ratty.... and not in a good pirate kinda ratty way either. *sigh*
 Today, I am linking with: My Salvaged Treasures - Vintage Inspiration Party
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  1. Playing inside is no fun at all, unless it involves yarn and hook, or paper and glue and glitter or beads and buttons .... Much nicer to play outside. Have fun! Tammy

  2. Hello from Spain: you are very creative. I love your ideas. Fabulous place. Keep in touch

  3. Interesting back yard lots of fun things.

  4. OMG!!! you missed your calling, you need to be a set director and decorator. What talent and eye for perfection...I love what you have done! This will be soooo much for for the kids, I'm kinda ya think I'm too old? Hugs

  5. I wish I had your energy, Cheryl! Is it a store or a storage area for all your pirate-y stuff?

  6. The bar turned out terrific and love the idea of the netting, your little yard helpers are cute. Your arrangements are just so neat!

  7. Chumley! What a great name! I would love to come on over and give him a good petting. He has such a cute little grumpy face.

  8. So many fun things to see! Love what you did with the heavy door. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  9. I love all of it, Cheryl! And the door looks absolutely perfect for the bar.

  10. Long live PeeWee! He is simply adorable!


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