I have been super busy doing a little fixing up of the inside of my house lately. We had some granite counters installed in our galley kitchen, along with some new slate flooring. Ohhhhhh the powdery mess that I have had to endure from all of the cutting of granite and tile. Not only that, but I have added to it.... *sigh* I have had to re plaster some walls... so now I also have a chalky mess from that too.  Ugh, it seems like I will be plastering, and painting for.ever.... then comes the fun part--- having to clean up the HUGE mess. eiy-eiy-eiy..... The upside, I am pretty sure it will get done in my lifetime. *sigh*

I was needing a little break from all of the "house stuff" and decided to spend an hour doing something quick and fun in my studio. So, I made some earrings. I really enjoy making earrings as they whip up fast and I get instant gratification of having completed something... at this point, completing anything while taking on the daunting task of painting is very uplifting!
 I bought a very old necklace just so I could pull it apart for those two diamond shaped beads below.... 
 I loved the blue of these beads....
 I bought a really long necklace of these multi colored glass beads below. They just spoke to me... I'm glad to have them to play with.
 I haven't finished the earrings just yet. Most of them are still needing to have the bead pins looped around then an ear hook attached. But it sure did feel good not to have to think about painting for awhile.
Drat... why did I mention painting. I better get back to it.
big hugs,


  1. Sounds like you have been busy. I don't like to paint, and don't do a good job when I attempt to do so.
    Glad you took time to make some pretty earrings.

  2. I love your designs, especially the little rhinestone spacers! Very pretty! We lived in plaster dust in our old house...there is not enough plastic to keep it from settling on the rest of the house!

  3. Sounds like a big project to undertake, bet it will look great when done. Your earrings are just lovely, I have been thinking about doing a bit of jewelry making and have been collecting supplies, that is as far as I have gone.

  4. I'd say your "quick and fun" added up to beautiful!


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