Silversmithing Project Finished

Here is my first finished project that I made in my Silversmithing class.
 Hard to believe even for me that this was created out of flat pieces of sterling silver. It was a fun project to learn the basics of silversmithing... even though the classes were a little slower than I would have liked.
There was only one thing that was difficult to do and that was sitting down at the table with  "dun-dun-dun" the torch. *gasp* I am sure at some point I won't be intimated by the possibility of blowing up... that is my hope anyway. Everything else, I enjoyed thoroughly. The one thing I enjoyed the most was making the bezel that holds the stone that sits on the ring. I liked the idea of using the softer sterling silver for surrounding the cabochon.... and being vewy-vewy careful with it. Then sanding and polishing away the seam between the bezel sides and the bottom piece. Magic. Here you can see my sawing skills... look at how close I cut that baby. Mad skills people-- mad skills~
The Silversmithing class is taking a little break until the beginning of November, so I have some time to come up with some items I would like to make for my next project.
We were told to come up with at least three projects, I already have two ideas in mind, and I'll probably make multiples of each one-- because if you know me, that's how I roll~ 
big hugs,


  1. That looks fantastic! I would love to take that course. Can't wit to see what you make next.

  2. I am extremely impressed, Cheryl! Beautiful workmanship!

  3. Wow - You did good. The ring is very pretty.
    You are braver than I am. I would have been very intimidated by the torch.

  4. Great job, what a great sense of accomplishment that must be to have finished this, wow 3 projects next time, how exciting to challenge yourself like this!

  5. It must be great to try a new craft with new skills and this ring is super cool. Looking forward to the next projects.


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