Halloween Candy Containers

I was wanting a little project to work on while sitting and watching listening to the television... and since Halloween is fast approaching I thought I would try my hand at making a pumpkin Squeeze 'em. Surprisingly, I have never made one.
I found a Jack-O-Lantern Squeezum pattern that someone had uploaded to pinterest. (I have 55 Squeeze 'Em patterns on Pinterest, you can find them here) I decided to add a fabric leaf and some green pipe cleaner tendrils to my pumpkin- so I modified the pattern to create a triangle shape at the top and not the actual "stem" that is on the pattern. It is just a personal choice as I find over time as the plastic canvas gets brittle those little bits are the first to crack and break off.

It was a fun little pumpkin to make....
 so, I made 29 more.
My granddaughter and I are filling each one with candy so she can pass them out to her classmates. I had ever intention of making a total of 60--- but my grandson didn't want any for his classmates. I guess they don't stay "little" for long do they. *sigh*
big hugs,


  1. Those are so cute and your granddaughter's classmates will love receiving them. No they don't stay little long. :(

  2. Those are great! The kids are going to love them!

  3. Those are just the cutest and how neat that you made enough for her class.... and yes they grow up way too fast!

  4. These are really cute. Your daughter's friends will love them :)

  5. Hi Cheryl! how cute those are! Your grand daughters classmates will love you!
    and yes.. they grow up way to fast. I cant believe that my little Torry pie will be 5 in December... how can that be?
    have a great weekend! Im sure you'll be up to something creative!


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