Even though the weather is getting colder outside...(in the 50's - 60's) I have managed to bundle up enough to force myself to go outside in search of treasure. I don't like to be cold at all! I got this small steamer trunk for only $30. It is in very good condition other than the paint job. *wink* Someone had taken the time to hand paint the embossed metal on the trunk... very shabby chic, it will stay like this until Spring when I can get it outside and paint it to better fit in with my pirate theme.

I was told this wooden toy rifle was bought at Disneyland in Frontier land. It isn't marked, so who knows where it originally came from. I paid $3.00 for it, I think it will look fabulous inside one of the pirate stores hanging on the wall. The really large golf net and the hammock were only $5.00 for both. It is not easy to come across really large "real" netting. Most of the time I come across scrap pieces of real fishermen's netting and the prices are triple for what I buy golf nets and old worn hammocks.
 The brass tray below has abalone shell inlay around the edge. Pretty.
I found more trays and bags of colorful booty. I love-love-love the scalloped edges of the footed tray.
I managed to score two Jim Beam half barrels for $30...they were originally used for a display. Eventually I am going to make them both into small stools. 
Speaking of stools.... look at these oak stools that I bought for $2.00 each. You heard me right, two bucks each! These were the first purchase of a fabulous shopping day!
The seats look like little barrels... *swoon* they even swivel.
With the colder weather comes the "falling of the leaves." I honestly don't mind sweeping/raking up leaves. This year instead of tossing out the leaves, I am going to place them in the flower beds to help keep the Cannas tubers warm during nights of frost. We don't get to many freezing nights... but even one frost filled night can kill 'em dead or weaken them for the next growing season. My Cannas plants are kinda sparse as I had to cut the tubers to get enough plants to plant around the fence line. I am hopeful that the plants double themselves each year.
During the Winter months I still have projects I am working on in my yard. We pulled down the metal canopy that used to be over the lagoon area. It was always my intention to have that area covered with a much larger wooden structure. It seemed like the temporary covering was turning into the permanent covering.... so it had to go. No time like the present. Of course, this means a lot of reworking the area and moving around the plants to better fit under the new covering. I'm doing away with some of the planter along the fence to make the area a little wider. I have a huge bird of paradise that I just transplanted and I'm in the process of bundling up for winter. I've had this plant for about five years and I'd be so sad to see it die.
I am hoping to get the new gazebo (for lack of a better word) built before the frost comes and damages a lot of my plants. Having a hard cover over the top surprisingly keeps the area a little warmer... plus, I normally have every plant in this area completely wrapped and covered for the winter season. It looks like a homeless encampment with random blankets, sheets and things covering every square inch...

As you can see I always have something major I'm working on. I keep thinking I'll have time to start working on something inside my house, but that never seems to happen. I still haven't painted my kitchen... eiy-eiy-eiy...  Next up?--- I've got a massive Elephant ear plant that is in my sites for being moved... wish me luck :-)
big hugs,


  1. Those stools are amazing! What a great fit, with no extra work and so inexpensive. Love it. I am looking forward to seeing what you do the trunk. Your yard looks wonderful, and good luck with all your plants.

  2. You've not only been busy, you've been lucky, too! Great finds, one and all!

  3. Wow you sure did find some great deals, and some neat projects you have planned. Luckily we don't have much in the yard that we have to do before winter sets in here. Hope you get it all done in time!


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