Winter Crocheting...

I have been struggling with a bad-bad cold going on several weeks now...Nothing life threatening, just a cough from hell. I have been trying my very best not to go out into the cold to aggravate it any worse so I've been staying inside and doing a lot of crocheting...
I've made eight hats... The two brown ones are going to be puppy hats for my grand daughter and whomever she wants to give the other one to. The six blue hats are going to be made into Daisy Girl Scout hats for my grand daughter's Daisy Girl Scout troop.
 I'm still in the process of making all of the daisy petals for each hat. I need to make 10 petals in different colors for each hat. Each petal symbolizes something that the girls have learned with Scouting. I also whipped up a little Owl that was touted as a project to use up scraps of yarn. I just made one so far, once I add eyes, I'll see if its cute enough to make more.

I also came up with a swirly frosting pattern for my crocheted cupcakes. I made 4 of the cupcake wrappers and 10 frosting dollops. I've now got the frosting pattern memorized.
I also made a pair of slippers for my grand daughter. The yarn I used was an impulse buy... It looks beautiful as a skein, but as a finished project, not so much.
I do believe it is officially winter here in California as my little cat Pee Wee has given up hunting at night for the warmth of a fleece blanket.
As my bad-bad cold is nearing its end... (I hope) I am wanting to get outdoors and start building a new patio cover for over the lagoon area in my backyard... and also, I need to buy some more yarn. *wink* 
big hugs,


  1. You have been busy! Your Granddaughter and her friends will really enjoy the hats when the temps drop.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. You've been a busy girl! Is Pee Wee tuckered out because he's been so busy chasing yarn balls? I think so!

  3. That's too bad about the slippers, sometimes those colors unfold in unpleasant ways. They really aren't all that bad though, just have to be in the right mood. A bold mood. Everything else looks wonderful though. I just love the puppy hats! Sorry to hear you're down with a cold. I do hope you shake it off soon. Best wishes...

  4. Wow you have been quite busy, such great projects and that is so neat you are doing those hats for the troop I bet they will love them!
    My daughter had her cough for over two weeks and she usually doesn't catch colds, it is bad this year

  5. Beautiful items. Your cat is adorable! :)

  6. What lovely makes! I am prone to chest colds so can sympathize. Sending you a cup of lemon-ginger tea.

  7. We've sure been missing you at our Tues evening Sew & Sew can we solve ALL the problems of the world without you there???

  8. Such beautiful work you do here! I LOVE the swirly candy looking ones...I haven't seen those before. Great job! Merry Christmas, and thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


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