Elsa and Anna

My grandaughter got a Disney Elsa Animator doll for Christmas and has been smitten with her ever since. Have you seen them? Adorbs. She also got Elsa's sister Anna... both cute as a button.
To me, this is a big deal... she has never liked a doll before. She has a lot of dolls and Barbies, but has never toted them around or carried them with her into stores etc. I had asked Chloe if I could borrow one of her dolls over night so I could make some clothing patterns for them--- to which she replied, "No." Which is hysterical because she has never told me no before. I can always get her to say yes... I didn't even try. I'm convinced its love~

I went online to view all the Animator dolls to pick one for myself so I could have it at my house to use to fit clothing patterns to... and fell in love with what I thought was the Mulan doll... sigh... no, it was a Paola Reina Liu doll in her summer dress... but at $80 bucks... I just don't know how I can hit the "buy it now" button and not regret spending that kind of money--- on a doll. But I want it... swoon. Anyway-- back to the Disney dolls. I was determined to get one... I planned on going to the Disney store and shell out the almost $30 bucks for one-- but decided to hit a thrift store on the way. Wouldn't you know it? I found one! What? Yep. I introduce you to Merida. Her original price was $7.99 and it was half off day. When I got to the register the gal said, "That's to much for this doll." And said, "How about $2.00?" Well, of course I said, "Ok." I ended up bringing her home for $1.00-- it was half off day after all. *wink*

I love my little red headed sassy looking girl... albeit she is naked... it doesn't seem to bother her one bit. This past weekend I brought home a second Animator doll. Rapunzel. Rapunzel was a $2.00 find and came with her outfit and her pet lizard. She looks a little bit leery of Merida.... I'm sure they'll be fast friends soon.

 I have a huge tote bag of American girl doll clothing... and of course none of it fits the smaller 15" Animator dolls.... as you can see in the photo before. The American girl doll clothing is to big and baggy. The only thing that fit were the glasses... so for now, Elsa wears glasses.
I tried my hand at making a smaller jacket... "Success"... although, now I have to figure out how to make button holes.. so um, yep, its getting a belt for now.
I have BIG plans to make a lot of really cute outfits for my grand daughter to play with- with her new dolls. I am having a hard time finding small clothing patterns that will fit this size doll.  I've pinned a lot of doll clothing patterns on Pinterest... but they just don't seem to fit. I am determined to make some clothing patterns to fit these dolls! 
Although, I think this one likes to be naked... just sayin'
big hugs,


  1. They are cute and the outfits you have made look lovely! If you have digital patterns or scan your patterns onto your computer, you could try rescaling them on your printer. If you have patterns for 18 inch dolls I'd suggest printing one at about 84% scale, which I think would work if the actual dolls the patterns are designed for were shrunk to 15 inches. The animator dolls look to have non standard proportions but it would be a starting point for experimenting.:)

  2. It's uncanny to go to the thrift store and find...boom!..exactly what you want! What a lucky granddaughter to have you make doll clothes for her dolls (which ARE adorable!) How fun for both of you!

  3. Instead of mini button holes how about snaps and sewing a button on the front!

  4. Hi! I know I have some little velcro for doll clothes...just need to find it! Maybe we should have a doll clothes making day...oh yea you can do it Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. You are having fun, Cheryl. And your granddaughter won't want to go home :-)

  6. Wow you found some wonderful deals on those dolls and your jacket looks so cute, what a great job you do and how lucky of your granddaughter to have such a talented Grandma. That was too cute that she wouldn't let you borrow her doll.

  7. lucky finds! I have no doubt you'll be whipping up a ton of clothing for these dolls and they will be awesome! because I know, that you, can do anything!
    have a great weekend


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