Doll Clothing

I tried my hand using some of the free American Girl doll clothing patterns online to modify to fit the 15 inch Disney Animator dolls... it ta-was'nt easy.... blah. Either I made them to big or two small... or the patterns were to complicated and ended up frustrating me to the point that I gave up. BLAH! I wasted soooo much time fiddling around with those...poo. I finally had to just make my own patterns. I do best when I just wing it... why fight it right? With that said... here is some of the doll clothing I've made so far. Rapunzel is showing off a sleeveless summer dress with matching shoes...
 Merida has a short play dress on with matching bloomers, shoes and hair bow. Merida is my pattern doll and normally is butt-naked and is always at the ready to be draped with various fabrics and paper patterns.
 I've made a couple of outfits repurposing baby clothing. I think they turned out pretty cute! I have never sewn on stretchy fabric before and was pleased how it turned out. These outfits were made using two rompers, I think the size of the rompers were for a 3 to 6 month old baby.
 I'm calling these "pajamas" so of course, I had to make matching slippers. I've already given these outfits to my grand daughter for her dolls... the rest she will get on her birthday next month. (February)
All of the clothing I've made so far have openings in the back of each garment because over the head clothing wouldn't work for these dolls since the heads are over sized for their bodies. I would like to crochet a granny-square poncho... but I'll have to think on that some more to try to come up with a pattern that wraps around then snaps and isn't an over the head poncho.
I had better step up my game and start cranking out the doll clothing or else the large wardrobe of clothing I had imagined will end up a few dresses and a few pairs of shoes.

Focus... hmmm... is that a Joann's ad in the mail?
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  1. Those outfits are adorable! You didn't need those AG patterns!

  2. These are all looking fab! You've made a wonderful variety of clothes :)

  3. You are really super talented at this! I'm so impressed with the PJ's!!

  4. Sometimes it really is best to do your own thing, especially when you get such great results! xx

  5. This post is almost too adorable! They will be the best dressed dolls in the playground.


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