Owl be your Valentine

I'm still plugging away at sewing doll clothing for my grand daughter's doll.... I just about forgot about Valentines day coming up. I wanted to make my grand kids some Valentines for their classrooms.... I whipped up two class sets of owl containers that hold some candy and small toys for my grand kids classmates. I printed out "Owl be your Valentine" and stuck it to the front of each owl. The first 10 were so fun to make.... I thought they would whip up fast. I was wrong. It. Took. Forever. to get them finished.
Or maybe it just felt like that because I wanted to get back to my sewing machine! Here is one of the outfits I just finished.
I not only made the dress, but the Minnie Mouse ears...
bloomers, tights and matching shoes.
Merida approves.
 Taking her picture all the time has made her somewhat of a diva. She is now calling herself a model....
I have five more days left before I am going to be bundling up all of the doll clothing I've made and gift it to my grand daughter. Every day I ask my daughter, "Is she still playing with that doll?" Every day, I am relieved to hear, "Yes." Back to the sewing machine.
big hugs,


  1. of course youve made baskets full of valentines for your grandkids to take to school! and they are adorable! as is the outfit with all the accessories! lucky little grands you have! happy day my friend

  2. You are one awesome Grandma! The valentines are adorable :) and darling outfit for the doll.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. The Minnie Mouse outfit is absolutely adorable! Your granddaughter is going to be beyond excited to see all the doll clothes! I know you'll have fun bringing them! But really you go all out making those cute owls for their classmates! Wow!

  4. Fabulous candy containers and very clever idea. Love the Minnie Mouse outfit.

    Hugs Diane

  5. Those owls are so adorable!!! A lovely way to pass on some valentines love! xx

  6. Love your owlie valentines!! Adorable and kudos to you for being such a great grandma!! Every girl should be so lucky! Your Minnie Mouse doll outfit is adorable!!

  7. ooooh boy! I have a box of rolls plenty of wrapper and several grants... :-)

    The outfit is awesome! Especially the shoes.

  8. Hi Cheryl, you are the best grandmother ever. Love the darling Valentine's you created and the doll outfit is adorable. You are so very talented. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. xo

  9. ooooh my goodness, these are all so cute!!! and minnie is adorable!!!!


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