Crocheting some Cuteness

After spending hours and hours creating small doll clothing patterns I decided I needed to spend some time crocheting.... I was needing a sense of finishing something-- anything! so I thought some small crocheted winter gear was in order. I used a HDC stitch to create a fun fur trimmed hat.
I used the same stitch to create a scarf... I also made some mittens.
 I created the hat a little big so that it could fit over any fancy big hair the dolls might be sporting.
 Rapunzel has her hair in braids right now. While braiding her hair, I noticed it had a few bits cut off. I didn't realize this when her hair was a tangled mess. So, a trim on her hair is in order one of these days.
That was a fun diversion... now back to the sewing table... literally. *wink*
I've linked up to Janine's "Wool on Sunday's linky party."
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  1. How lovely to visit your fun blog. Rapunzel is a well turned out gal with those lovely crochet pretties of yours. As for the hair, I rather thought Rapunzel was a free flowing hair kinda gal, in readiness for that prince that should ride by.

  2. Those mittens are so very sweet! Have a great week Cheryl!

  3. They are so sweet! The doll looks beautiful in them :)


  4. So adorable! Rapunzel really will be going out in style on these chilly days :)
    Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that whole set is just darling, love how you gave her a bigger hat, I love that look and that little scarf and mittens are just the cutest!!


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