Recent Treasure

Last weekend I scored big time on some fabulous treasure... PEARLS!
I have a love affair with pearls. *swoon* I got my very first real pearl on a trip to Hawaii when I was seventeen. There was a little Kiosk on the main floor of the hotel we were staying at that I stopped at every day to look and admire the pearls. They had oysters in salt water that you could buy and they opened them right on the spot and revealed your pearl. After budgeting my spending money for the week, I finally decided to take the plunge and buy one. Once the oyster was opened, out popped an absolutely beautiful large golden-pearl. On the spot I decided to pay the additional amount to have a gold bail inserted in the pearl so I could wear it :-) What good is a pearl if you can't wear it right?

In total, I got one-hundred-thirty-eight items of fresh water pearl jewelry.
 What would you have paid for all of that?
 I got necklace sets with matching earrings...
 Single strands and multiply strands of fresh water pearl necklaces...
 Different colors too...
 These below have no clasps so I was going to pull them apart to play with them when I'm into making jewelry again.
One-hundred-thirty-eight pieces of fresh water pearl jewelry... Curious as to what I bought it all for? Forty buckaroos... $40.00... F-O-R-T-Y.  The original asking price was $50... of course I had to haggle the price down right? I tried to get it all for $20, that is just how I roll...then I tried $30, and finally she agreed to $40. Soooooo dividing 138 pearl items by $40 bucks... means I paid .30¢ each. Not to shabby.
 In keeping with the jewelry treasure theme... at a yard sale I bought a lot of little bags of  ornate bails and small ornate blank bezel pendant trays... both with a lovely antiqued/oxidized patina. Each little bag was .50¢ Also I bought a large baggie of pearls and beads for $2.00. You can never have enough lovely colored pearls and beads. If nothing else, they look wonderful in a jar.
I may sell some of my pearl loot on my Etsy site... but a lot of it will be given away at my pirate parties. Pearl door prizes? Yes, please :-)
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  1. Wow, what a great find! I love the idea of displaying beads, etc. in a jar or bottle. Have many broken necklaces due to holding grandbabies while wearing a necklace. Silly Grandma! Also love the story of your first real pearl with the live oyster!

  2. What a great haul! I had a ring with a pearl I got out of a live oyster. Unfortunately, someone robbed my jewelry during my oldest son's "poor choices" days and the ring was taken. I was thankful that I happened to wear the 3 strand pearl necklace my father had given me that day so I still have it!

  3. Wow that is a great haul you got there, and a good price, bet that was fun bringing it all home and looking through it all!!


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