Animator Doll Undies

My grandaughter's Disney Animator dolls were all going commando under their outfits that I had made them months ago... we can't have that now can we? So, making doll underwear has been on my to do list for awhile now.
The only thing holding me back was not having any stretchy elastic lace trim. Well guess what I found? Yards and yards of stretchy elastic lace trim...for only.50¢. I couldn't find any doll underwear patterns online that would fit this size doll, so I whipped up my own. It was fairly easy, I only had to rework the pattern I was making a few times to get it to fit the doll correctly.

Some of the doll clothing I had made for my grandaughter's Animator dolls were made using old baby clothing.
I saved all of the larger fabric scraps of cotton jersey knits so I could create some doll undies at a later date. Since finding the lavender stretchy lace trim, it was time to get to work, no excuses now.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own undies for a Disney Animator Doll....

Here is the pattern I whipped up to make the underwear that will fit a Disney Animator doll. Print at 100% and when you cut it out, do not add any seam allowance as it is already added to the pattern.
 *Helpful Tips*
*The seam allowance is 1/4" ---I like a big seam allowance when I sew with knit fabric. Once the seam is sewn, I cut it to about 1/8" of an inch to get rid of the extra fabric.
*Back stitch every seam. You have to keep in mind little hands are going to be tugging these on and off of their dolls for (hopefully) years to come.
*You can use old baby clothing, or any nice adult or childs t-shirt or any outgrown childrens clothing that is made with the jersey knit fabric.

Using the pattern I created, trace two of the pattern pieces onto some cotton jersey knit fabric. I use a regular ball point pen to trace the pattern onto the fabric.
Place the fabric right sides together and stitch the middle center piece of the undies, back stitch both starting and stopping stitches. Again, use a 1/4" seam allowance and trim the extra fabric away once you've stitched this seam. I have white bobbin thread and I'm using a lavender top thread so that both threads match the garment... although the center and side seams will be both white and lavender-- the seams are little and hardly noticeable at all once the piece is finished.

Lay open the newly stitched piece and pin-tack some stretchy lace trim to one edge of a leg opening, I just use one pin to hold the lace in place to get started, then I just match the edges and sew along as I go. *Another Tip* I do not cut the stretchy lace trim to fit the area I'm sewing, I cut the trim after the area has been sewn. I am forever cutting pieces "to short" to use, so this helps solve that problem.
I use a wide  zig-zag stitch to maintain the stretchiness of the fabric. When using straight stitches, sometimes the stitches might ‘pop’ when the fabric is stretched or pulled. Repeat for the other leg opening...

Once both leg openings have the stretchy lace sewn in place, fold the underwear right sides together and sew along just ONE side of the underwear. Trim off excess fabric.
Next, pin-tack the stretchy lace at one edge of the waist band lining up along the edge as you go at the sewing machine and zig-zag into place.
When sewing the trim along the waist band the piece is a little wonky-- but take your time and adjust the fabric as needed under the presser foot and it will be easy peasy.
Almost finished! With right sides facing, line up the one side seam that is needing to be sewn.... sew the seam and trim away the excess fabric.

Lastly, turn your garment right sides out and there you have it! Doll undies to fit your Disney Animator Doll!
Little Anna is so embarrassed to be showing off her undies. *wink* These little undies whip up so fast, I easy made three pairs in about 20 minutes.
I'm pretty happy with how these little undies have turned out, I'm sure my grandaughter is going to be happy with them as well!
big hugs,


  1. those little ladies will be so happy to cover their butts!!
    Happy 4th.
    xx, Carol

  2. Wonderful!!!! You reminded me that I have a naked Animator Doll in the backseat of my car for you!

  3. I've said it before, best grandmother ever.

  4. Thank you for the tutorial. Now I need to make undies.


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