Backyard happenings....

We extended our outdoor buffet table in our pirate backyard--- although this was finished about a month ago-- I'm just now getting around to sharing it. I have so many projects going on at just seems like I finish up one project and then just transition into finishing up something else like it is just one ginormous project. When I finally do sit down to blog about "something" I'm at a loss as what to share because everything just seems like it is all one big project and all a work in progress!  Any-who... here it is... Taaaaaa~daaaaaaaaaa! We have added another 30' of buffet/counter space to the already existing 25' we had previously made.
 The bottom of each section is open to showcase pirate treasure~
When creating these sections we added plywood sheets to the top/back of each section so I could have another place to decorate with odds and ends of pirate treasure.
 Today I added some rope to the boxed posts to use as a gentle reminder not to fall into the pool. We have only had ONE person fall into the pool--- it still makes me laugh when I remember that!
So, now the entire length of the back of our house is a usable space with a l-o-n-g counter along it. The space is perfect for when we have large B.B.Q. parties in our backyard. We have even added several power strips along the buffet table to plug in crock pots or anything needing electricity.
 I have a lot of fun jewelry tucked inside these little shadow boxes. My friend stained and sealed these for me... sweet huh.
 Sometimes I randomly pluck a blingy-ring from these boxes and wear it while I goof around in my pirate yard....
 The bottoms are looking a little bare, but before you know it, they will be bursting at the seams with treasure.
 Occasionally, my dog will be running around with a gold doubloon in her mouth, but for the most part she is an angel considering all there is in the backyard that I'm sure tempts her daily. At six months old, she now weighs in at 45 pounds...
I finally found a fun place to hang one of the many pirate flags I have...
 It is wonderful having a pirate themed backyard, it is great when I'm tired of something inside my house to be able to put it in my backyard and still enjoy it. (Silver champagne bucket with the Ivory colored Roses)
 Here is a shot of the entire length of the back of our house showing 55' of buffet-table-space. We generally use the 25' of buffet table way at the other end of this photo. This new area will be perfect for an upcoming Halloween party or two..or three.... where everyone brings a bag of candy and we have a "candy exchange" party.
 At the very end of this buffet table I had to stop short because of the cement sloping down and of course the gate opens inwards-- so I added some netting and sea shells to this area to cover up the wall.
While treasure hunting this past weekend I found a few fun pirate treasures to stash in my backyard.... A few more pirate hooks and some silver items to play around with.

I was looking for another round table for my backyard... I have five already, why on earth do I need another one?.... The asking price on this table created using one of the rounds off of a wooden cable spool was $50... I got it for $25.00. I think it is pretty darn cute! I am planning on staining it with a nice oak stain to help seal the wood and give it a nice aged appearance.
I am getting ready to host a few more parties this month, I've just got a few tiny projects to get completed before hand. I only wish my shoulder wasn't acting up... blah. I've got Adhesive Capsulitis... a.k.a. Frozen Shoulder. Hurts like a sun-of-a-gun...
Oh well... could be worse right? Could be better... but it could be worse.
big hugs,


  1. Your backyard is such a magical place! Disney has nothing on you, Cheryl!

  2. Wow it is looking just fantastic!! You have such great room to really have a big party!!

  3. Has Disney seen this place? lol. So much fun. Bet you have great parties out there. Anyone that would put so much love and work into creating a magical place HAS to plan a great party!
    xx, Carol

  4. Super cool. You can have a proper party now.

  5. Wonderful!
    I am delighted, congratulations!
    And thank you for your visit on my blog.

  6. Oh my! I am in awe! This is unbelievably cool -- and SO much fun!


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