I've been rather lucky finding treasure lately. I bought a bag full of black velvet necklace displays for $3.00....
Pinned to one of them was six silver pendants with a price tag of $10.00 each. Cool...

Of course, the usual pirate treasure is always on my radar... arrrrggggh~
I thought this block of wood with gun cut outs in it was a hoot... for a dollar it had to come home with me.
I love the metal basin in the back.... I think that was $1.00.
The silver candlesticks are marked "silver".... but who knows. For now they will reside in my backyard.
You can never have to many silver odds and ends and beads when your trying to stage a pirate yard.
I got all of this for only $6.00. The brass round container was a great find, it is really unusual. I've got my yard prepared for the most part for the upcoming winter. Now, I've turned my attention to creating some more doll clothing for my grandaughter's Disney Animator dolls... but the patterns I've made and the cryptic notes I made to myself all seem to be in a different language. I have come to the conclusion that I've just got to stop "winging" it-- and jot down clearer instructions to myself or else I'm going to have to rework the patterns every. single. time. Best get back to the jumbled notes and pieces of patterns I thought I could remember went with what... eiy-eiy-eiy...
big hugs,


  1. Cheryl, I am addicted junker. It is a favorite hobby. I love that you post about the great treasures that you find. I posted about a McCoy vase I found today. I am thrilled!

  2. Awesome finds. Crosses and dragons on the same card, because they go together. Well now you have something to guard all that treasure! Keep smiling and creating.

  3. Ok, I like all your loot...except that round brass container. I LOVE that one. LOVE it. I would have grabbed that in a minute. And then those candlesticks! Yup, I'm in sewing and crochet mode...right after Turkey Day that is. I'm reading this week cause there are just too many other things to get done. Silly me, I put the bird in the fridge today..not nearly enough time to thaw. I HATE when I do that!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    xx, Carol

  4. You do find the most unique and interesting things that's for sure. Love those pendants and the candle sticks :)
    I totally understand about being clearer with notes, I will come up with an idea to try on a card and will jot it down, later when I think about it I will go check out my list and wonder what in the world was I talking about there, guess at the time it seemed clear to me :)
    Hope you have a great thanksgiving and good luck figuring and writing down your patterns.

  5. You have been lucky Cheryl, great finds. Happy Thanksgiving!


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