Baby Shower Diaper gift...

I went to a baby shower this past weekend. The mother-to-be requested baby diapers as a gift.... I thought I could pop onto Pinterest and find a quick cute idea to follow to do a diaper cake or something like that. Wrong. I couldn't find anything that I thought was cute.... so I came up with something on my own. A diaper bath! Now this is caute! 
I used a plastic laundry hamper as the base of the baby tub. I pulled curling ribbon between the hampers slats using a crochet hook and then wrapped the curling ribbon around each little diaper to hold it in place. Just for the base alone it took eighty diapers....
 I used Sesame Street diapers around the rim....
 For the top of the baby tub, I cut a cardboard circle to fit inside the hamper so I could stand some diapers inside the bathtub as well. I lost count after 40ish... I also cut a hole in the cardboard for the little baby dolls feet to fit through so it sat a little lower in the tub.
 Lastly, I added some iridescent gift shred to the top and a little rubber ducky to finish off the bathtub look. Ahhhhhh.....
I had bought a little light up/musical Seahorse to give the new baby too. These are my favorite little toys for babies. Instead of decorating the gift bag-- I used double sided tape and taped the baby themed stickers to the bag itself. This way the new Momma can use them however she wants.
I also made gift tags to put on the gifts. I pulled out my paint and made what I hope looked like bubbles... Once the paint had dried, I went to and used the free templates they provide and printed onto the painted cardstock the sentiment...
 I cut and glued the painted/printed card stock onto some blue card stock and added some curling ribbon to finish them up. Easy peasy.
I am happy to report the new mom-to-be liked the gifts I gifted her with....
It has been a fun-filled day~
big hugs,


  1. I LOVE THIS!! Looking around for a pregnant woman! LOL

  2. This is a brilliant idea. A really useful gift and very cute. The 'bubbles' and duck are fab :)

  3. That is such a clever idea- a lot of work, but I bet you had fun making it!

  4. But of COURSE you came up with a better idea than you could find on Pinterest!! Now when someone else does this same search they will find YOUR creation!! Love it.
    xx, Carol

  5. Really, really creative! You have the best ideas.

  6. Wow your mind is just amazing coming up with such cute ideas, that was a lot of work and I bet she was just thrilled with your gift, not to mention she will have a good amount of diapers to start off with that's for sure, love how you used the sesame street ones around the top, terrific idea!! Great idea's with the packaging too :)

  7. I'm sure new mom will find a good use for all the diapers, if she can bear to take apart the adorable "ensemble" :) I love what Carol said - that future Pinterest searchers will be able to find YOUR project when they search for something cute to make!


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