Cat House on the Kings

This Saturday, May 6th, is "The Cat House on the Kings" open house. I am lucky to be a vendor at this event! If your a cat lover, like me, it is a little slice of heaven here on earth.

Here is the mission statement from the facility:
The Cat House on the Kings is California's largest no-cage, no-kill, lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center. Our mission is to place rescued cats and kittens into loving, permanent homes; to provide a safe, happy and healthy home for unwanted cats and kittens in a unique, no-cage facility; to prevent pet overpopulation through spaying and neutering; and to educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

There are around 700ish cats and kittens on her 6 acres of fenced in land.... if you click on this link: Cat House on the Kings... it will take you to the website so you can read more about this place... and possibly donate to support her efforts to care for these cats! 
I've got my own little cat house, although my total cat count is only six.

I tried to come up with a few cat themed things to sell at this event. I had some cat eye marbles that I was wanting to turn into some necklaces, so I pulled out my wire wrapping supplies and got to work.
I haven't wire wrapped in about two years, it was time to get back to it! There is a great group of people that get together for about two hours each week and everyone brings in their own wire wrapping project to work on. It is just a fun-filled time of getting to see new techniques and learning and sharing things. I'm glad I rejoined the group :-)
 I had one of the necklace displays I recently made with nothing to hang from it, so it worked out perfectly for these cat eye necklaces. I pulled off the topper of this display piece as it continued to be wonky...
 I used shiny brass-square-wire for these cat eye marble necklaces.
Part of the reason I stopped wire wrapping was because of the swirls you see on the top of these necklaces. That is what you do with the extra wire. I hate it.... I HATE THE SWIRLS.... but... I figure, it I don't do them and think-think-think while I'm creating these wire wrapped pieces, I'll never come up with a better way to do it! So, I'm back at it--those swirls are going to be history, mark my words. Okokok, the swirls look fine on these necklaces, but if I was doing wire wrapping on a beautiful stone cabochon the swirls (in my opinion) make the piece look cheap. 
I guess it is like everything else. Learn how to do it, then expand upon that and make it your own. Challenge accepted.

I'm looking forward to spending the day with all those cats/kittens and like minded cat loving people! Check out the "Cat House on the Kings" and maybe even friend them on Facebook.... and possibly consider making a donation to help feed, spay and neuter the cats she takes care of.
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  1. Those necklaces look great and are wonderfully displayed on your hanger. I hope you think of a way of avoiding the swirls so in future you can choose to have them or not (though it sounds like you'll always choose not!) :)

  2. How wonderful! Kudos to all involved with the cat sanctuary. The problem of homeless kitties in this country is overwhelming and the shelter groups are running ragged trying to do what they can. Your necklaces are beautiful. Good luck at the event.

  3. I like the necklaces. I have a whole pile of copper wire I need to find a use for.

    That's a lot of cats to take care of. I recently took 2 to have them fixed. They belong to my neighbors. Of course one was pregnant. They aborted the pregnancy. Since the cats started staying at my house most of the time, I did not want or need a bunch of kittens.

    I love cats. Willing to feed those that show up. But, had to break the cycle.

  4. The swirls looks very nice on these and I like them very much. But I can exactly what you mean about how it would work on some other pieces. What a great cause! I hope you do very well. I so approve of no-kill safe houses for cats!

  5. Such a worthwhile place to donate your time and creative energy to! I'm sure you will sell out of EVERYTHING!!!!

  6. Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if they all could find a home, I can't imagine being in charge of that many cats, we use to have two, we had them for 18 years, miss them so much... You have made a great project to sale, I know you don't like the swirls but I think they are cool, that is so great you can get out with people and get ideas and talk about the craft with them!

    You had asked on my post if I have a quilting machine? I have a machine that allows me to drop the feed dogs and I bought a free motion quilting foot to do the quilting. I hope that answers your question :)


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