Treasures, treasures... treasures! I spotted an ad for a yard sale located about 45 minutes away from my house that advertised that they had "beads and jewelry making supplies" for sale, which peeked my interest to say the least. Even though I was not the first person there-- I did manage to get a lot of the items that she was selling. Here is the bounty I came away with:
Let me unpack it for you.... Tons and tons of little baggies with great stuff in each one! The bottom left of the photo is a baggie full of ready to wear druzy pendents.

Here is a little closer look...

You know how much these things cost when you go to any hobby store....
Bags of wire, beading thread, cords, chains, and strands of beads all brand new...

Lots and lots of bezels for doing ice resin and also shadow box pendents...
I also got several plastic containers with beads and clasps...
Inside the wicker basket there was a lot of seashells. I added a triangle shaped filler piece to the inside of this glass jar my mother gave me and added the seashells to the jar. It will eventually be filled to the brim.
I also got a bag full of beautiful paper embellishments. Also a full set of "Artist Loft" water color pencils and "Rikota" Brush markers. What did I pay for all of this crafty goodness? Twenty five bucker~roos. At first I thought, blah... I overpaid for all this stuff. I always second guess myself! Then I saw a pair of new Fisker easy action bent scissors which retail for $22.99 all by themselves... and that "righted my sails" about the money I spent.

After driving away, I thought to myself, "Where on earth am I going to put all this stuff in my studio? I drove up to another yard sale and found this beautiful Ethan Allen four drawer night stand for only $10.00. It is going to serve double duty in my studio as a side table next to my comfy chair along with storage that the drawers are going to provide.
I got all of this jewelry for $5.00. The ring is 10k gold, the two box charms, the onyx pendent and the two bracelets are stamped 925 (silver)
I also got this pearl necklace for .50¢... Yep, real pearls. The necklace strands do not belong attached to the choker, those were added by someone at some point. An easy fix to unhook them. It would be garish to wear it this way, I guess that is why they didn't even give them a second look at the yard sale I bought them from. I can tell real pearls a mile away. Even without giving them a look with an eye loop, the weight of them gives you a good indication that they are real.

I bought six strands of drift wood for $5.00... Why do I need it? I dunno, but it all--> Had.To.Come.Home.With.Me. The metal basket was only $4.00.
Now comes the fun part of going through all of those baggies and playing with it ALL. Happy-happy-joy-joy~
big hugs,


  1. OMGosh, My head is spinning just thinking about your great loot. When we go garage saling all I ever see is baby stuff. The last best deal I got at a sale was the husband. He repairs TVs and had mine fixed for $50. Never bought a thing anywhere.

    xx, Carol

  2. WOW in a big way!!! You did good. I love all of the things you got.

  3. Wow! You got some great deals, Cheryl! All the jewelry making supplies will keep you busy for a long time. Have fun with your wonderful treasures!
    xo Julia

  4. Oh my goodness I bet you felt like you had hit the jackpot with these goodies, I can see some great cardmaking supplies there too, I bet you felt like it was christmas when you got it all home and started going through it all, and what a fabulous deal on that night stand to put it all in, how wonderful!!

  5. Not big on pearls but I love the way that pearl necklace is made! Too cool. I thought I had a lot of beads but I pretty much think you have me beat.

  6. That driftwood looks like pirate fingers!

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