Swimming Dog

I had bought my dog Akira a dog life jacket so she could swim in our pool. You could tell she was scared of the water and never wanted to swim past the first step. Now, she has finally learned to swim with confidence and without a life jacket. So much so, that she goes into the pool and does a few laps all by herself even though we are not pool-side with her. She is a sneaky-sneak and has figured out she can swim to the side seat we have in our pool and hop out and get to an area she is blocked from getting to. Bad doggy!
 I wouldn't mind her over there, but she likes to eat the bark-- and she thinks she is a decorator and likes to move things around. Silly girl. Often times there is so much splashed water on the pool deck I think she has had some doggy friends over for a pool party... but its just her having a gay-old-time all by herself. Here she is getting ready to get back into the pool...
 "Don't push me crocodile!"
 If you notice she has a plastic soda bottle in her mouth.
 I spend tons of money on "dog toys" and all she wants is plastic bottles.
 She brings them to the steps then lets them float away--- and goes back in after them....
Rescued bottle once again back at the steps...
She is one clean dog!
Once she is semi-dry I let her come back inside and get in her dog crate..... and then I turn on her personal fan and she takes a nap until she is ready to do it all over again. She isn't spoiled, just deeply loved. *wink*
big hugs,


  1. She is adorable and, I imagine, very clean. It's nice that she loves your pool now and has even devised her own game. My daughter's dog used to carry his ball to the top of the stairs, drop it and run down after it, which was a bit of a hazard...Our dog loves very dirty water and gets dry by rolling about in mud :( I'm thinking we need a pool :)

  2. she is beautiful. And, very smart. Was wondering where you've been. Take care.

  3. Oh I would love it if my dog liked the water. He freaks....he don't like toys. Never has. He don't play ball .....but my kitten will play with anything she can find so I don't have to buy toys for either! Your fur baby is a sweetie.

  4. How nice that she has learned to swim on her own, that cracks me up that she learned how to get to the area you don't want her in.... and isn't that just like the kids playing with a simple box instead of the toys you buy them, LOL! Too cute!! Not spoiled at all ;)

  5. Hey, Missed You!! Our dogs love plastic bottles too. They love the noise they make. When we leave the house, we have to contain the dogs in the laundry room because they wreak havoc in retaliation for leaving them when we go away. One time we left a case of water in my laundry room on the floor. Several bottles were pulled out and water was everywhere. They thought we left them a case of toys!! Love seeing your dog have a great time at the pool.
    xx, Carol


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