Labradorite Pendant

My new normal these days is procrastination... since I've mastered that- I thought I'd try mastering something new! I love looking at other peoples beautiful wire weaving/wrapping on Instagram... wishing I could create similar pieces. Then it hit me, I can! I just need a visual to recreate it. (or something similar) Sooooooo I've been printing out pages and pages of things to make from earrings to pendants.

In the corner of each picture I put a number so on the corresponding blank page facing this sheet I can write down the wire gauge I used and bead size and any pattern I've created.

I've been seeing this image all over facebook and pinterest... it definitely was added to the book of inspirational photos! It was a little challenging, but I think I managed to recreate the piece pretty accurately... Here is my finished pendant. I like how it came together... although I am still not a fan of doing the "netting" part. I'm not sure which image I'm going to try to recreate next, but it is nice to have a lot to choose from :-)


  1. The stone you choose to anchor the piece is perfect!
    It always feels like such an accomplishment when I turn from the Pinterest page to the actual project...

  2. The tree pendant would make a fabulous wall hanging in one of my dollhouses!


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