We're having a

heat wave.... Whats a girl to do? but go shopping early in the morning to avoid the extreme temps! The news said something about the temperatures ranging from 100-112. Soooooooooo I just had to go out today and pick up some supplies so I don't have to go out & about when the heat really picks up. I am going to start working on the mosaic bird feeder s-o-o-n so I was needing some grout & tile snips. Not that anything on the bird feeder is going to be getting "snipped" it was just that they were ON SALE for $15, now I've got them :-) and now I can snip tile or plates to make even more mosaics (if the mood hits me!)

I also hit two boutiques~ Lookie at my treasures :-) I got 4 bunny statues for $1.95 each~ and the white metal tray (which I love) for $1.95.... and the tiny hand painted blue plate .95cents and the embroidered piece for .65 cents...and the metal standing piece in the back with the bird on top for $3 bucks. Cute stuff huh~I got the two matching hat boxes for $4 bucks~Lastly a photo of the lovely wreath I got for $3 bucks. The colors are very muted and understated...its very "romantic" looking~

I also got several pieces of vintage fabric which are all in the wash as I type :-) good shopping!

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