Tuesday treasures~

This past weekend I scored big on some things I don't need.... here is what I hauled home~ 12 childrens books (most of them are pop up) .25cents each. 4 beautiful tassles .25cents each, 20 magazines .10cents each. Two packages of pink satin blanket binding .25cents. This binding is fabulous if you unfold it and iron it flat-- it makes like a 5 inch ribbon! 4 embroidered napkins & 3 appliqued hand towels all for $1. A wooden advent thingie for placing small Christmas gifts in was only $1. I'm thinking of covering it with Mod Podged papers~A beautiful hydrageaon wreath for only $2. A vintage basket for $1 and a pink belly dancer hip scarf that is loaded with 3 rows of coins that make a fabulous sound when you walk-- and yessssss I've worn it around the house for awhile :-PMomma's hide your daughters eyes... this stuffed bag full of Barbie clothing was only $2~This darling bird bath was $7-- *gasp* highway robbery!! The two wooden plant thingies were only $2 each~ This metal table thingie was only $3. The best buy of the day: I picked up this $365 dollar cat tree for only $5. Yes---only five dollars!! *Happy dance-happy dance* Head on over to Diane's blog to see more Tuesday Treasures on her linky for "2nd Time Around Tuesday" Kimm is also hosting a linky party for her "Trash to Treasure Tuesday" Also.... if your wanting to see even more treasures stop over at Rhoda's blog "Southern Hospitality" If you have linked to my blog and wish to view more.... you can click here.


  1. My favorites: belly-dancing scarf and Barbie clothing!

  2. I love the cat house! My kitties would love that!

  3. Wonderfully great finds and at a steal of a price.

    Barbara Jean

  4. AWESOME finds! I love that bird bath and what a steal on the cat house, that is definately the coolest one I have ever seen and what an AWESOME deal!

  5. THATS IT!!!!!! I'm going treasure hunting with'm the one over at my blog that is going to de-stash...yeah right?

  6. Great buys. Finding your blog got me started doing a Trash to Trueasure Tuesday last week. This was my second time to post. Love it. Thanks.

  7. Wow! Love that bird bath! What a great deal! Or bunch of deals!

  8. Love the bird bath & the vintage metal table. Great finds!

  9. Seems like we all like the bird bath
    Excellent buy on the cat house you really scored.


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